Parents, We want your child to be happy and successful at school and in life, and believe that you play a key role as your child’s first teacher. That role is to continuously show interest in and support for your child, which can be accomplished through   In addition to report cards and progress reports each 9-weeks, MDCPS has made it easier than ever to monitor student progress on a  day-to-day basis.  Through the Parent Portal and Parent Internet Viewer, parents can quickly and easily: The Parent Portal is a particularly valuable tool for parents.  It’s easy to set up, but you must VISIT THE SCHOOL office to obtain the student ID number and 6 digit PIN number. The images below will link you directly to the Parent Portal, Parent Page, and a series of videos explaining how technology is helping MDCPS keep parents informed.   • communicating high expectations; • creating a quiet space in your home where your child can complete homework; • reading with your child for 20 – 30 minutes each day; • talking with your child about the highlights of his/her day; • making sure your child is on time and prepared for school every day; • joining the PTA and participating in school activities: and,  • monitoring your child’s progress regularly. . • view up-to-date grades • monitor daily attendance • set email “alerts” to notify you when grades drop below a pre-set point • set email “alerts” to notify you when required assignments are “missing” • set email “alerts” to notify you when students are absent or tardy